Get Ready for Summer with Kushies Swim Diapers!

Tired of paying the price of disposible swim diapers?  The solution is Kushies’ unisex swim diapers!

There is a misconception that swim diapers contain liquid and solid waste but the truth is that a swim diaper simply keeps in solid waste.  Our Kushies re-useable swim diapers keep in solid waste and there is no need for a diaper or swim diaper underneath – our swim diapers are made to wear against the skin.

The adjustable waist has velcro and ties to ensure a secure fit, gusseted legs for comfort and the nylon shell dries quickly for conveniece and comfort.

Disposible swim diapers are not nearly as effective, cost more and are not good for the environment. Get ready for summer with a Kushies swim diaper!


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